futureplan1In Faisalabad district the enormous diseases have cropped up including hepatitis. Which need our attention for that purpose BHF have a program to establish a FIFTY BED liver hospital to provide proper treatment to the patients?

An estimate liver hospital cost to build a 50 bed liver hospital with operational emergency is PKR.500-million .Due to lack of funds and unavailability of resources BHF does not achieve their goal to build.

So BHF appeal all will to do people take participation in this noble case to serve the mankind.



futureplan2The role of education to build a good healthy society is no need to explicate. Islam’s basic teachings are comprised on knowledge sense and explore.BHF focus on that basic and necessary field to aware backward society the importance of education. To fulfill the purpose BHF caught basic hurdle in that way adopt TEN schools 0f Distt Faisalabad and Nankana sahib.

BHF going toward his plan to establish their own free education school system for the betterment of deserving and backward children’s.