1- BHF started daily free medical camp at Mansoorabad from 07th Jan 2018. 2- BHF arranged 7th annual free medical camp on the occasion of Birth Day Ceremony of Baba Guru Nanak Jee at Nankana Sahab.    3- BHF started 6th bi weekly (friday,sunday)Free medical CAMP at Mansoorabad.    4- DR Shizra Mansab (MNA) join BHF as chairperson.    5- BHF successfully completed 6th annual accounts audit.   65- BHF providing books, uniforms, shoes and other academic accessories to the needy students.    7- BHF and PMA are all out to serve mankind since March 2016.    8- BHF providing medical facilities to the poor patients at Dera Mian Manzoor Nishatabad since 2014.   

Chairperson Message

God has blessed Pakistan with populace that is naturally testtalented, energetic and great potentials. But unfortunately because of lack of resources and tremendous family pressure, these human power banks remain deprived of health/education and pushed towards lifelong oblivion.

The Bright Hope Foundation aims to bring about a radical change in the lives of these Pakistanis, through proper health and education facilities that will lifelong benefits, and make them socially acceptable.[read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”] Our committed teams of volunteers with crucial assistance of Pakistani philanthropists within and outside the country are trying to access basic health and education to the depressed community of our society.

Currently BHF running projects to serve the humanity with their best potential and ability, Nishatabad Free medical camp and Nankana sahib camps are also providing services continuously for the last decade.BHF adopted 10 schools from Faisalabad and Nankana Sahib districts to help deserving and shining students in form of fees, books, uniforms and motivation.

BHF is looking forward to establish a liver hospital in Faisalabad and launch BHF school system as well.

“MAY ALLAH bless us with guidance and purity of intention” (AMEEN)


(Chairperson BHF)

(EX Member National Assembly)

President Message

img-20161207-wa0006It is a matter of great pleasure and honor for me that I am going to inform you about Bright Hope Foundation. Why and when it was formed and what are our objects? BHF is a nonprofit organization that is working for promoting education awareness and health care programs since 22.02.2011.

In Faisalabad district the enormous diseases have cropped up including hepatitis gynecological problems and other diseases offshoots of the said dilemma. Which need our attention for that purpose BHF have a program [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”] to establish a liver hospital to provide proper treatment to the patients?

Due to lack of funds and unavailability of resources BHF does not have its own schools. However, we have adopted more than 300 students of different private schools who were not able to pay their schools fee and other essential accessories for their educational needs.