BRIGHT HOPE FOUNDATION (R) Is registered with Government of Pakistan under the Ordinance of societies registration Act 1860 (XXI 1860) Via Regd. No. RFSC/FSD/847 on 22-02-2011. BHF have mandate to educate and providing health facilities to the low communities, deserving and school not going children in backward rural areas in Punjab.


Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder of hemoglobin synthesis. Hemoglobin is body’s lifeline because it carries oxygen to every cell and tissue of the body. Patient of thalassemia carries genes from his or her parents. These genes are responsible for production of hemoglobin chains; alpha and beta.Abnormal rate of synthesis of one the chains results in over production of other type of chain. Defected hemoglobin reduces lifespan of red blood cells and cannot carry oxygen as well. So, affected children start becoming anemic right in the very 1st year of life.Severe anemia causes bone changes due to expansion of marrow space for increased rate of erythropoiesis. Physical growth and development is delayed. The only survival strategy after diagnosis is repeated blood transfusions monthly or fortnightly for whole life. Frequent blood transfusions increase iron stores in body which is called as transfusionalhemosiderosis. Iron overload is toxic to almost all parts of body specially heart, liver, bones, thyroid, lungs, brain, pancreases. Risk of transfusion-transmitted diseases is also a major complication of these patients.  So, thalassemic patients succumb to death owing to heart failure, liver cirrhosis and overwhelming infections.

In Pakistan: 

In Pakistan, there is an alarming situation regarding this disease. It is estimated that 6 in every 100 people are thalassemia carriers which makes it a very large gene pool in general population. Carriers do not manifest disease but they transfer defected gene to their next generation. If mother and father are carriers, there is 25% risk of thalassemic offspring in every pregnancy and 50 % chance of being a carrier. There are approximately more than 100,000 patients of this disease in our country and every year 6000 new patients are born.Antenatal diagnosis is possible and practical but many families do not get benefit due to lack of awareness. In a country like Pakistan where lack of medical facilities, poverty and illiteracy are prevalent, a patient with thalassemia has very less hope.

Care of thalassemia: 

The management of thalassemia involves multidisciplinary approach. Pediatrician, hematologist, endocrinologist, cardiologist, gastroenterologist, dietitian, clinical psychologist and social work team all are required for proper individualized plan for management. Regular blood transfusions are required to treat anemia. Iron chelator medicines are necessary to prevent iron toxicity. Serial laboratory investigations are carried out for adequate assessment of medical status and early detection of complications. Costly medicines are needed to treat these complications. Antenatal diagnosis is offered to the parents in early pregnancy to detect this disease in next offspring. Apart from this, the psychosocial effects and financial constraints put enormous burden on the patient and his or her family in a very deleterious way.

Cure of thalassemia: 

The only possible cure to this disease is bone marrow transplant. The related donor donates healthy bone marrow to replace patients bone marrow. It is available only in a few specialized health care facilities in Pakistan. Patient of thalassemia can spend normal life after successful transplant. To be able to get a transplant, there is custom-carved individualized road for each and every patient. Sadly, more than 90 % of patients become ineligible for this procedure due to complications of the disease, lack of awareness and poverty.

Our goal

Our goal is Thalassemia Free Pakistan. It is a long and tiring journey which involves

Meticulous management of thalassemics

Antenatal diagnosis

Bone marrow transplant

We have established a dedicated thalassemia clinic which provides proper consultancy to the patients and families in management of the disease. Regular medical checkups are carried out at our centre. Iron chelation medicines are also provided to the patients. Awareness walks and seminars are conducted to emphasize importance of blood donation and pre-marriage testing for thalassemia.Optimization for bone marrow transplant is also done at this day care centre in collaboration with Cure2children Italy.

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30$ Can support 01 blood transfusion including cross match, screening, and blood bag.
30$ Can support 01 blood bag with leucofilter.
50$ Can support regular investigation for 01 child per month
100$ Can support oral chelation medicine for 01 child per month
100$ Can support injectable chelation medication for 01child per month
1500$ can support medical management of 01 child per year
1000$ Can support pre-transplant investigation for 01 child
5000$ Can support post-transplant medicine for 01 child for 01 year
10,000$ Can support one bone marrow transplant procedure


If we donate for medicine, that’s a healthy body we gift.

If we donate for blood, that’s another month to live.

A child is reborn after transplant,

So that’s a gift of life we give.