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Free Medical Camp at NANKANA

SHAHIB FREE MEDICAL CAMPS 🙁 From 2012 to 2016) Nankana Shahib Free medical camps are the brightest chapter of BHF history .Sikh delegation’s visit from all over the world on the occasion of birth anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak jee every year. BHF successfully provided free medical facilities to sikh yatries details are as under:-

Education Program

The role of education to build a good healthy society is no need to explicate. Islam’s basic teachings are comprised on knowledge sense and explore.BHF focus on that basic and necessary field to aware backward society the importance of education. To fulfill the purpose BHF caught basic hurdle in that way and start adoption of

Free Medical Camp at Nishatabad

We all know that Pakistan is not considered good health provider country that ,s why BHF started a free medical camp under project “HEALTH CARE PROGRAM 20 free medical camp was conducted weekly at Chak no 251 RB13-14”in this connection Bandala Distt Faisalabad. The response/ comments of people are our strength that persuades BHF for

Free Medical Camp PMA House

Pakistan medical association (PMA) invited to run a weekly medical CAMP at PMA house Jinnah colony Faisalabad.BHF resultantly has started free medical camp which is running successfully since March 2016. Following are the snapshot of benefitted patients:- General patients   19350 Mother and child care 7355 Gynecological issue/ultra sounds 9290 Lab Tests conducted 6065