Bright Hope Foundation Started from one lantern to other, process of good old nature to bringing alike together.

from total darkness in some one’s life.. Dawn to Sunrise and finding it’s shine.


My name is Mohammad Riaz and i am president of Bright Hope Foundation.

in beginning i use to see lack of education in our society and poverty pushing the people below the humanity line.

I started to gather friends and have conversations on humanity and what grades us and separates us from animal and how can we help our fellow human.

Few good men (A Few men is written instead of members names cause some of our members like to keep their help anonymous) got together and after so many discussions of poverty in their near by areas and how people lack the basics of life…

In one night’s gathering it was decided that we should start on our own to make a little difference in society and in order to change society we should start from ourselves, so we decided that we should start doing something good for people around us even if we could a little…
starting a one day medical camp: What started from one day a week to help the sick. and if we can not open school then we could start from few poor kids and pay their schooling expenses so they can understand and change their own condition and surroundings by education.

So the hope that started after many dark nights of hearing muffled screams of poor.Sick and the less fortunate next bright morning it came in to BE.

Bright Hope Foundation.  Bright Hope Foundation is non government organization established on 22-02-2011.




  • A charity organization aims to serve humanity by providing the needy
  • the poor
  • orphans
  • discarded and dejected people of a society.
  • Charity is aimed at serving humanity.
  • The poor and needy persons get benefited with charity.
  • Charity is aimed at serving humanity.
  • Providing the needy
  • the poor orphans
  • Discarded and dejected people of a society.