BHF Legal Aid Program

Bright Hope Foundation continues its efforts to serve the mankind in all major aspects of life like Medical, Education, environment etc.

Allah gives BHF an opportunity to help deprived prisoners in shape of large number of Senior Advocates joint hands with BHF.

BHF have a very skillful generous and experienced team of lawyers, they are always willing to endow their services as following:

1- Struggle for free the prisoners with miner allegation/fine.

2- Struggle for better living conditions for prisoners.

3-Provide health facilities with help of BHF medical team



suhas2  I am Moahammad Ali Yousaf , A Professional lawyer at High Court, Lahore.

After completing my LLB from The University of Punjab, I started practicing law but my heart was shattered seeing injustice and social disparity in Society.

With burning flame of serving humanity inside the depths of my heart, I joined hands with Bright Hope Foundation to ameliorate the wretched poor strata of society and help them climb the social ladder. Violation of Human Rights has many diverse shades and looking into each one warms my blood to take a shear legal stand against it on logical grounds.For the reasons above mentioned, I have successfully pursued diverse endeavors, including but not limited to cases for the protection of Human Rights, Prisoner Rights, and improvement in health and education in society.

In short , I am a practicing lawyer, A Philanthropist and a sensitive person working for Human Rights and Social Causes.